The Hatred

  Release: September 12, 2017 Director: Michael G. Kehoe Writer(s): Michael G. Kehoe Producer(s): Malek Akkad Cast: Sarah Davenport, Andrew Divoff, Darby Walker Category: Horror Running Time: 90 Minutes Description Four girls travel to a

Time Rush

  Release: April 5, 2016 Director: Daniel Zirilli Writer(s): Dean Alexandrou Producer(s): Dean Alexandrou Cast: Dean Alexandrou, Michael Aston, Hari Das Ahatefu Category: Action Running Time: 85 Minutes Description Alex, stuck in a repea

The Butterfly Room

  Release: April 11, 2014 Director: Jonathan Zarantonello Writer(s): Jonathan Zarantonello, Paolo Guerrieri, Luigi Sardiello Producer(s): Mark Moran, Enzo Porcelli, Ethan Wiley Cast: Barbara Steele, Ray Wise, Erica Leerhsen, Heather Langenk


  Release: TBD Director: Scott Poiley Writer(s): Scott Poiley Producer(s): Michael Finn, Brett Kunkle, Mary Lankford Poiley, Christopher White Cast: William Haze, Alice Rietveld, Sarah Sculco Category: Horror Running Time: 78 min. Descript

Dead Awake

  Release: TBD Director: Phillip Guzman Writer(s): Jeffrey Reddick Producer(s): Galen Walker, Phillip Guzman, James LaMarr, Philip Marlatt, Kurt Wehner Cast: Lori Petty, Jesse Bradford, Brea Grant Category: Horror, Thriller Running Time: 99

Kill or Be Killed

Release: Director: Duane Graves, Justin Meeks Writer(s): Duane Graves, Justin Meeks Producer(s): Karrie Cox, Marcus Cox Cast: Justin Meeks, Paul McCarthy-Boyington, Gregory Kelly Category: Horror/Action/Thriller Running Time: 103 Minutes Descri

Instant Death

  Release: TBD Director: Ara Paiaya Writer(s): Adam Davidson, Ara Paiaya Producer(s): Ara Paiaya Cast: Lou Ferrigno Category: Action Running Time: 90 Minutes Description A vicious gang war for drug dominance draws in a disturbed Special Fo


  Release: October 16, 2015 Director: Powell Robinson and Patrick Robert Young Writer(s): Patrick Robert Young Producer(s): Lauren Bates Cast: Rebekah Kennedy, Ellis Greer, Dan Creed, Will Tranfo Category: Horror Running Time: 82 Minutes

The Harvesting

  Release: TBD Director: Ivan Kraljevic Writer(s): Ben Everhart Producer(s): David Gareis, Daniel Schultz Cast: Elena Caruso, Chris Conner, Jennifer Gareis, Greg Wood Category: Horror Running Time: 92 Minutes Description To escape their m

The Shadow Man

  Release: TBD Director: Joshua Fraiman Writer(s): Adam Tomlinson Producer(s): Brigitte Kingsley Cast: Nola Auguston, Rebecca Amzalag, Alison Louder, Celest Chong Category: Horror Running Time: 88 Minutes Description Based on the experience