The Girl from the Naked Eye

The Girl from the Naked Eye
Release: June 15th, 2012
Director: David Ren
Writer(s): Larry Madill, David Ren, Jason Yee
Producer(s): Henry Mu, Jason Yee, Max Yoffe, Ron Yuan
Cast: Sasha Grey, Dominique Swain, Jason Yee, Samantha Streets
Category: Action
Running Time: 83 Minutes


When a high-class escort is found murdered, her protector Jake is crushed. He loved her and now he’ll stop at nothing to find her killer. Leaving a bloody trail in his wake, Jake risks everything to uncover the truth and take his vengeance. THE GIRL FROM THE NAKED EYE takes us through the underground world of sex and drugs where nothing is savory and everything is deadly.

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