Night Shift


Release: TBD
Director: Stephen Hall
Writer(s): Stephen Hall
Producer(s): Greer Ellison, Stephen Hall, Michael Jones, Merlin Merton, Paul Thompstone
Cast: Ashleigh Dorrell, Matthew O’Brien, Angel Hannigan, David Collins, Nigel Mercier, Nicola Bennett
Category: Horror
Running Time:


Amy begins working the night shift in a hotel with a dark past.  A string of murders that took place 10 years ago haunts the grounds of the hotel.  After learning of the flesh obsessed murderer from her co-worker Adam, Amy takes on a new found fear of the night, before finding herself trapped on the fifth floor, forced to relive the horrors of that gruesome night.  She must band together with the victims of the past and present to escape the evil force of the blood crazed killer.

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