The Colombian Connection


Release: November 30th, 2011
Director: Julian Higgins
Writer(s): Larry Madill, Bertie Higgins, Julian Higgins
Producer(s): Bertie Higgins
Cast: Tom Sizemore, Robert Thorne, Bertie Higgins, Bianca Malinowski, Kevin Anthony Brooks, and Ryan Caldwell.
Category: Action
Running Time: 98 Minutes


Jack Hooks, a former cop set up by his corrupt partner is sent to jail on drug charges. Yanked out of prison with an early release deal offered by the DEA, he’s sent on a suicide mission to plunge into the underworld of marijuana smuggling by making one big run through the narrow channel that flows between Cuba and Mexico, known as “The Eye” and into the heart of a violent Colombian drug trade to bring down his former partner and his accomplices.

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